The Town of Dendron

The Town of Dendron is located in Surry County, Virginia, and has a population of approximately 300.

Dendron was a company town, built and run by the Surry Lumber Company in order to house its mills and employees. It was known as Mussel Fork Village until 1896 when it was renamed Dendron, a fitting name derived from the Greek word for trees. The years after 1896 saw rapid growth and expansion for both the Company and the Town, as more people were drawn to Dendron and more Company housing was built. By 1906, Dendron had 1513 people, 298 dwellings, two hotels, eighteen Company stores and five churches. By 1928, Dendron's population had reached nearly 3,000 people. In addition to those establishments listed above, there was also a post office, two schools, a jail, two banks, two doctors, a skating rink, a movie theater, and a number of non-company owned businesses, such as a drug store, barber shops, garages, cleaning establishments, a pool room, a restaurant, a bakery, and an ice cream parlor.

The Surry Lumber Company closed on October 27, 1927. Owning most of the Town, they had the legal right to destroy what they owned, and from 1928 until 1930, much of Dendron was dismantled. Left without a Company, a railroad, water system, and electricity, Dendron experienced a final nightmare in February 1931 when fire destroyed twenty-one (21) buildings on Main Street.

The preceding text was derived from the "Guide to the Buildings of Surry and the American Revolution," by James Kornwolf, published in 1976.


Historical Society & Museum

The museum brings to life the uniqueness of the Town of Dendron, once a thriving lumber mill and railroad system (Surry, Sussex and Southampton Railway or SSS Railway) until the 1930s. Open the second full weekend each month. 2pm to 5pm - Free Admission


Dendron Historical Society & Museum
P0 Box 308
Dendron, VA 23839

Mayor: Wallace E. Faison, Jr. -

Town Council:
Gloristine Evins
Kenneth E. Bell
E. Faye Perkins
W.E. Richardson, Jr.
Kevin B. Spain
Dendron Municipal Building
2855 Rolfe Hwy.
Dendron, VA 23839

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