Edwards Ham Shop - COVID-19 is still a concern, but the shop is open for in-store purchases, face masks are required and available in the shop for $1, maximum 5 customers in the shop at any time; curb-side pick-up still available; limited sandwich menu.

Edwards Virginia Ham Shop

Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe
Authentic Southern Smoked Meats, Seafood, and Dessert Specialties

In 1926, S. Wallace Edwards, the young captain of the Jamestown-Surry ferry, began selling ham sandwiches to his passengers. Mr. Edwards had cured the ham on the family farm according to the family's time tested methods.

Soon demand became great enough that
S. Wallace Edwards began curing hams on a
full-time basis, distributing them to country stores and fine hotels, and shipping them throughout the country and overseas.

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons remains a family operation in Surry County, not far from Jamestown where Indians taught the first settlers to cure meat. Today’s facilities simulate the curing and seasoning of the hams without sacrificing the care and attention that results in the unique flavor of a Virginia ham.

11455 Rolfe Highway
Surry, VA 23883

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