Surry Seafood Company

The Surry Seafood Company is a waterfront restaurant with an overlooking view of the creek and marina. Imagine being able to dine while taking in the breathtaking views of Gray's Creek and wildlife while enjoying delicious food including signature dishes that you can't get anywhere else -" Not just a restaurant, but an experience."
Overnight accommodations are available.
Surry Seafood Company will open in April, 2016 - 757-294-3336

The New Gray's Creek Marina

The Surry County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of the Gray's Creek Marina in the fall of 2013. The marina is at the end of Marina Drive, just off Route 31 near the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry, and is comprised of 19 acres which includes a water-front restaurant facility (shown above). Although much rehabilitation is needed for the property, the County has identified several funding sources which are available to assist in the construction of the boat launch facility (completed in 2014) and other components of the overall plan.

Marina boat ramp view into Gray's Creek

Surry Seafood Company will open in April - 757-294-3336
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Gray's Creek Marina restaurant floor plan