Hog Island Wildlife Management Area

From the 17th century practice by English settlers of allowing hogs to forage at the tip of a peninsula jutting into the lower James River came the name 'Hog Island.' Today, this "island" is the largest of several tracts that make up the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area. Here waterfowl are attracted, often by the thousands, to forage and rest on the tidal marshes, diked impoundments, and planted fields. Visitors also have the opportunity to see eagles, osprey, an array of shorebirds, and even upland wildlife species on some parts of the area.

Hog Island Wildlife Management Area is a mixture of 3,908 acres of flat open land with pine forests interspersed with tidal marshes and controlled ponds. Maintained by the State of Virginia, it’s ideal for bird watching, fishing, hiking, or scheduled game hunts.

7938 Hog Island Rd.
Surry, VA 23883

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