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Smith's Fort

18th Century House and
1609 fort ruins

In 1609, Captain John Smith built a fort on the south side of the James River as a retreat position should Jamestown be attacked by Virginia Indians or the Spanish. This dower tract of land was given to John Rolfe in 1614 by Powhatan upon Rolfe's marriage to Pocahontas. Between 1751 and 1765, a brick plantation house was built that still stands today, with much of its interior woodwork still intact.

First floor bedroom- This view in the downstairs chamber of the Manor House at Smith's Fort Plantation exemplifies the upper middle class life-style enjoyed by the Jacob Faulcon family in 18th Century Surry County, Virginia. Note the pair of fine mahogany Chippendale side chairs from a set of 12 crafted by Thomas Miller of Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1774.
Wedding Picture- This artwork is a print on paper from a steel engraving done by John C. McRae in 1855 entitled "The Wedding of Pocahontas." It was modeled from an original oil painting by Henry Brueckner in the same year. It depicts the day in April, 1614, when Pocahontas was wed to Englishman John Rolfe, an event that initiated 8 years of peace with the Algonquin Indians. The original painting resides in the Getty Museum.

Earthworks at the original fort were constructed in 1609 by John Smith.
This plaque is a dedication from the Department of the Interior.

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  • Memorial Day – Labor Day: Monday 10 am to 5 pm.

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