National Register of Historic Places in Surry County, VA

  1. Bacon's Castle (Open)
    Off VA 10
  2. Cedar Ridge (Closed) *
    4861 Laurel Dr., Disputanta
  3. Chippokes Plantation (Open)
    Chippokes State Park, Virginia 634 and 633
  4. Enos House (Exterior Only Open)
    Surry Parks & Rec. grounds
  5. Four Mile TreeFour Mile Tree (Closed)*
    NE of the jct. of VA 618 and VA 610, Surry
  6. Glebe House of Southwark Parish (Closed)*
    E. of Spring Grove on VA 10
  7. The Old GlebeMelville (Closed)*
    E. of Surry
  8. Montpelier (Closed)*
    1.4 mi. SW of Cabin Point
  9. Old Brick Church (Ruins Open)
    VA 10, Bacon's Castle
  10. Pleasant PointPleasant Point (Closed) *
    1 mi. S of Scotland on VA 637, Scotland
  11. Rich Neck Farm (Closed)*
    E of Surry, Surry (Destroyed 2013 by fire)
  12. Rogers' Store (Open)
    Jct. of VA 615 and VA 612
  13. Snow Hill (Closed)*
    VA 40, Gwaltney Corner
  14. Surry County Courthouse Complex (Open)
    VA 10, Surry
  15. Walnut Valley (Archaeological site and slave house) (Closed)*
    Southeastern corner of Highgate and Chippokes Farm Rds., Highgate
  16. Smith's Fort (Open)
  17. Swann's Point Plantation Site (Closed)*Scotland

(Closed)* - These locations are private residences and not open to the public. In some cases you may be able to view the site from the highway

Bacon's Castle Cedar Ridge Chippokes Plantation Enos House Four Mile Tree Glebe House of Southwark Parish Melville Old Brick Church Pleasant Point Rich Neck Farm Rogers' Store Snow Hill Surry County Courthouse Complex Smith's Fort Swann's Point Plantation Site Montpelier Walnut Valley