Traveling with Pets


If you Google “Americans and their pets” you’ll find that dogs are our most popular pet and that they are found in 69 million U.S. households! With that many pups becoming part of our families, it’s only logical that when we travel, we’ll want to take them with us.

Bringing your doggie friend to Surry businesses requires that they be well-behaved and kid-friendly (in more ways than you expect – we’ll get to that later.) As a responsible pet owner, we know you will want to always have your pet on a leash and under your control – especially when it comes to interactions with people of all ages and animals that they will be meeting for the first time. Of course, you’ll be prepared to pick up after Fido if he leaves any waste along the way!

Here's a list of Surry businesses that welcome furry friends:

Chippokes Plantation State Park allows pets in the Visitor Center and Friends of Chippokes Gift Shop, but not in the pool facility or inside the Jones-Stewart Mansion. Dogs may be briefly unleashed to swim in the river at the park, but they must be leashed when they come back to shore. Pups are allowed in the campground area and all overnight facilities (except for the Walnut Valley house) accept pets with an additional fee of $10 per pet nightly. When you arrive at the Visitor Center, ask Park staff for a Pets in Parks Guide with information about pet safety and nearby veterinary clinics – just in case. Find more guidance on bringing your pet along to a Virginia State Park here.  

 Hampton Roads Winery does allow very sociable dogs on leash inside the winery and on the grounds. The resident goats are familiar with dogs and reportedly like to lure pups to the fence in a show of friendship and animal solidarity. Don’t be fooled! The “kids” will then ram the fence and, according to owner Dave Sheldon, “scare the daylights out of the dog. Dogs fall for it every time!”  

Bacon’s Castle and Smith’s Fort welcome you to visit their properties and enjoy the grounds, although pets are not allowed inside the historic buildings.   

The Surry Seafood Company has a special dining section on the back deck reserved especially for pets and their people. The deck overlooks scenic Gray’s Creek and the marina, and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal or a relaxing drink. 

Farmer’s United, located in “downtown Surry”, is your local source for pet supplies. They sell pet food, bedding, flea control, pet shampoo, toys, dog biscuits, and pig’s ears for treats.


This has been a discussion about traveling with dogs as pets and does not apply to the use of service animals. For more information on the laws governing the use of service animals in Virginia, click here.