Surry County's Participation with VA250

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As our nation prepares to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Virginia has put the American Revolution 250 Commission in place.


Local jurisdictions have begun to respond to the Commonwealth’s charge to form local committees to plan events and activities across Virginia. The Surry County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution #2022-21 in November 2022 expressing the county’s desire to participate in the commemoration by forming a local committee and named Pat Bernshausen, Tourism Coordinator, as the chairperson.

The local committee includes people representing Surry’s historic sites, the Surry County Historical Society, the Surry County African American Heritage Society, the Native American community, Surry County Economic Development, and the Board of Supervisors. Currently under development is a self-guided cultural driving trail which will consolidate sites and stories pertaining to the history and achievements of the African descendants and Indigenous People who lived in Surry County. The purpose is to create a platform whereby authentic, compelling, interesting history can be shared before it is lost forever and to market that product in a way that will maintain the integrity of the project while promoting increased visitation. The anticipated launch of the trail is scheduled for early Spring, 2024.

Gathering information from citizens and friends of Surry is an ongoing and monumental task.  Interested persons may contribute their knowledge and stories by way of a fillable form, or by contacting Pat Bernshausen, Tourism Coordinator, at (757) 294-0644.

The committee is particularly interested to know about any famous or important people from Surry - which may be someone in your own family, if they did something significant! Information may be related to education and schools, places of interest, historic churches and cemeteries, historical events, underground railroad, military service, or a specific story about something significant to you, or someone you know.  This all plays into the story of the cultural experience in Surry County, and everyone should feel welcome to share their stories and information about family or personal history.