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Savor the secrets of Surry County VirginiaSurry, a county in southeastern Virginia, embodies the unspoiled rural beauty of Colonial Virginia, with abundant farmland and wooded tracts that give visitors and residents a feeling of what life was like in Virginia hundreds of years ago. This pastoral environment is a striking contrast to the adjacent metropolitan communities of Richmond, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, and Norfolk, all of which are only a short commute. The northeastern edge of the county is bordered by the James River, a gem that offers abundant recreation for boaters, fishermen, and wildlife enthusiasts. Surry County resides as an oasis of rural living with close proximity to all the conveniences of its upscale neighboring communities. It's truly the best of all worlds!

Natural Beauty

Surry's natural beauty is celebrated in its abundance of rolling farmlands, woodlands, wetlands, and waterfront panoramas that reflect the county's rich history and agricultural heritage. A wealth of stately old homes and plantations are testimony to the county's 360-year history and the early beginnings of our nation.


Surry County is one of the oldest regions settled by Europeans in the New World. Much of our early heritage has been preserved. Historic buildings abound, and our original county records have survived since 1652. Old railroad beds beckon to their heyday before and after the Civil War. Since 1925, modern motor ferries have provided transportation across the James River.

Surry County is proud of its intrinsic heritage and values, as well as its natural scenic beauty. Historic attractions span over 3 centuries and include Bacon's Castle, Smith's Fort Plantation, and Chippokes Plantation State Park.


Modern-day attractions invite visitors to explore the technology of energy production at the Surry Nuclear Power Station Visitor Center, or to enjoy wildlife observation at the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area. For food lovers, Surry serves the quintessence of Southern cuisine with world-famous smoke-cured hams and home-grown peanuts. The outdoors beckons adventurers with opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, camping, boating, hunting, fishing, and off-road trail riding. Enjoy a picnic overlooking the James River at Chippokes Plantation State Park, or swim in the Olympic-sized pool.

Drive the scenic highways between Richmond, the tri-cities, and Hampton Roads, or enjoy the pleasure of a ferry ride across the James River, and you'll find the warmth and hospitality of the folks in Surry reveals why "Surry is Something Special".